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A diy kitchen island with a cooktop can add a unique look to the room, as well as be very practical. Space on the island can be save to allow room for cutting food, making less travel space to bring it onto the stove to cook. Another potential use for the island is to add a second sink; this can allow for extra space to clean dishes. If you add a second sink to the island, you may want to make the sink and kitchen island cabinets deep enough to hold pots and pans to be cleaned. With the addition of the second sink, some islands can also be outfitted with a dishwasher. The dishwasher attached in the island will allow for much easier and faster cleanup while cooking because the sink and dishwasher are very close to the food prep area. When adding a stove or sink to an island, be sure to keep enough kitchen countertop space on both sides of the island.

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