Beautiful Bedroom Paint Color Ideas

There are two bedroom paint color ideas that usually applied on some bedrooms. Those are the bright and the dark that can serve different nuance inside the room. Beside it, every color theme can be nice with the suitable furnishing concept. The first, we will see this modern master bedroom that painted in blue and white.

The next one is painted with bright yellow that mixed with white and create chic look. It is suited with the twin bed and cabinet dresser which decorated with twin pouf with yellow and white classic motif. The pastel blue master bedroom paint color ideas are used nicely here. It is added with canopy bed and pale white bedcover. The tall classic curtains are protected the entry and it is hanged on white rod. Beside it, the black dresser is also arranged which completed with modern desk lamp. For couple, the dark colors are neutral and suited, so it will not be too masculine or too feminine.

Maybe this white themed interior with black furnishing color is good and elegant. The queen size bed with small table is matched each other. It is also added with white chaise that designed with tufted backrest and pad. Similar furniture color is used on this large master bedroom. Black mounted shelf is apt with standing rack beside the bed. Classic chandelier on the white plafond is neutral and smoothly blends with the room decor. If the joined room is created, it needs to be painted in bright color, like white or grey.

Perhaps the bedroom with work space is good with white and grey interior theme. And then, modern office furniture can be arranged, such as the long white countertop on this wooden cabinet. Atop it the white mounted shelves are united with the window frame. Bright master bedroom paint color ideas with dark furniture are perfect.

Artistic Painting on the Blue Bedroom Paint Color Ideas inside Contemporary Bedroom with Wide Bed and White Quilt

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