Awesome Simple Tips To Maintenance Your Garden

Ensure Simplicity
Simple landscapes are easy to maintain and if arranged right can look better than complex ones. The first rule in designing simple landscapes is to avoid over planting and provide enough space for plants to grow freely. This will help you save time as you won’t have to prune plants constantly to keep them in bounds. Complementary to this, avoid going for a many varieties of plants as they may add up your maintenance work. 

Reduce size
Huge gardens look good but are all the more difficult to maintain. For home landscaping it is best to keep the landscape small. Smaller landscapes look more intimate even if they lack variety. If your yard is very big, landscape a small area near your house and allow other parts to naturalize. 

A landscape build by following these simple tips can be much easier to maintain and will save you lots to money in addition to time. 

Susie She

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